Working Awards Program

In 1999, the Samoyed Club of South Australia proposed a Working Awards Program to recognise working achievements and to encourage owners to participate in activities that demonstrate that a breed representative today is still capable of performing the duties of his forebears. Indeed, there is a school of thought that believes that a working title should be a prerequisite for a conformation title in some breeds.

The intention was to make the requirements difficult enough to need a reasonable level of one or more of the following attributes – soundness, fitness, strength, endurance, attitude and good temperament, but not so difficult as to require elite-level performances in order to qualify – the intention is definitely not to encourage the breeding of athletes at the expense of type! With adequate training and a degree of dedication and persistence on the part of the owner and/or handler, awards should be within reach of the “average” Samoyed. They should be relatively easy to achieve for a good specimen of the breed, but hopefully, beyond the reach of a poor specimen.

The aim is to reward working endeavours related to the original duties of the breed:

  • herding
  • sledding/skijoring/carting – competitive and/or excursion
  • competitive weight pull
  • pack hiking
  • therapy

Achievement certificates are available in each discipline at basic and advanced levels.  Working titles require more extensive accomplishments over multiple disciplines, and again, are available at different levels.

Several levels of award will be available as follows:

Basic Certificates Excellent Certificates
Working Sled Dog (WSD)
Working Weight Pull Dog (WWPD)
Working Pack Dog (WPD)
Working Therapy Dog (WTD)
Working Sled Dog Excellent (WSDX)
Working Weight Pull Dog Excellent (WWPDX)
Working Pack Dog Excellent (WPDX)
Working Therapy Dog Excellent (WTDX)
Working Titles
Working Samoyed (WS) Degree
Working Samoyed Excellent (WSX)
Master Working Samoyed (WSXM)

Note that herding certificates are not offered since they would merely duplicate awards already offered by ANKC. However, herding performances can contribute towards working titles.

For each award, the qualification schedule quantifies the value of any specific working achievement relative to the overall award. The aim is to require considerable effort within each field (depending on level of the award), and as far as possible, to be as difficult in any one field as in any other.

Certificates require a specific number of performances at or above minimum qualifying standards. To obtain a working title, a dog must first qualify for one or more certificates, and in addition, accumulate a specified number of points.

Detailed requirements for each award are available to view in a pop-up window or to download as a pdf file.

Requirements (still under construction)

Sled Dog Award Requirements (pop-up)
Sled Dog Award Requirements (pdf)
Weight Pull Award Requirements (pop-up)
Weight Pull Award Requirements (pdf)
Pack Dog Award Requirements (pop-up)
Pack Dog Award Requirements (pdf)
Therapy Award Requirements (pop-up)
Therapy Award Requirements (pdf)
Working Degree Requirements (pop-up) Working Degree Requirements (pdf)


Weight Pull Certification Form - one required for each competition.

Application form for Working Weight Pull Dog Award - summary of four qualifying pulls.


So far, 10 Samoyeds have qualified for Working Weight Pull Dog certificates and 3 have qualifying legs towards the next achievement level, the Working Weight Pull Dog Excellent award.

View the Weight Pull Roll of Honour (pop-up)

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